Nurseries in Springfield, Chelmsford

With so many nurseries in Chelmsford, it can be useful to see them separated by area. Here is a list of all of the nurseries in Springfield, which is just north of Chelmsford City Centre. It’s always best to visit nurseries you’re interested and you can also ask for parent recommendations in our Facebook group.

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Beaulieu Park Day Nursery

Address: 9 Albermarle Link, Springfield CM1 6AH

Phone number: 01245 462932

Beaulieu Park Day Nursery is located in Beaulieu Park and takes children from 3 months to when they start school. It also incorporates a forest school.

Bright Horizons Day Nursery and Pre School

Address: 51 Centenary Way, Springfield, CM1 6AU

Phone number: 0371 346 0946

Bright Horizons are a chain of day nurseries and preschools that offer care for babies and young children.

Busy Bees Springfield

Address: 216 Springfield Road, Springfield, CM2 6BN

Phone number: 0330 033 8133

Busy Bees takes babies from 3 months and has a separate room for preschool age children.

Buttercup Montessori Springfield

Address: Cuton Hall Lane, Springfield, CM2 5PX

Phone number: 01245 463811

A Montessori nursery based in Springfield close to the large B&Q store.

Jesters Nursery & Preschool Beaulieu

Address: Armistace Avenue, Beaulieu, CM1 6DT

Phone number: 01245 943333

Jesters is located next to the Beaulieu Park school and also has an after school club.

Seymour House Nursery Springfield Road

Address: 230 Springfield Road, Chelsmford, CM2 6PB

Phone number: 01245 495455

The Seymour House Nursery in Springfield Road is a short walk from the city centre and train station.

Scallywags Nursery

Address: Burrell Gate, Chelmsford, CM1 6ED

Phone number: 01245 468857

Scallywags nursery is located in Beaulieu Park and has direct access onto a sports field.

Small Wonders Day Nursery Springfield

Address: Tavistock Road, Springfield, CM1 6JN

Phone number: 01245 493437

Small Wonders Nursery is located in Springfield and also offers before and after school care.

Seymour House Nursery Lawn Lane

Address: Lawn Lane, Springfield, CM1 7PP

Phone number: 01245 346643

The Seymour House Nursery in Lawn Lane serves the Springfield area of Chelmsford.