Natural Foundations

Natural Foundations Chelmsford is now located in Blackmore Road in Highwood, the pictures in the post were taken at a range of Natural Foundations’ previous locations.

Natural Foundations welcome children of any age. If you think your child will enjoy it, you are welcome. I’ve been taking my children since they were toddlers, I last took them when they were 7 and 9 and they still had a good time. If your children enjoy outdoor play they might also like Hanningfield Reservoir.

Toasting marshmallows at Natural foundations
Toasting marshmallows at Natural foundations

What’s on Offer at Natural Foundations Chelmsford

 Natural Foundations is so unique that it’s difficult to describe well. It’s a social enterprise and is about getting children outside and engaged in open ended play. They have run at various locations over the years and the set up has changed at each but essentially there are lots of toys, materials and other resources that children can do what they like with. There are no rules and all children will experience it differently.

The previous sites have had sandpits, mud areas, various huts and small caravans, mud kitchen areas. Children are most welcome to play in the rain. There is always some water play available and the hairdressing heads get their hair washed regularly from the visiting children.

Water play at natural foundations
Water play at Natural Foundations

Useful Information for Visiting

Sessions need to be booked at the moment and are two hours long. Some sessions have special features like roasting marshmallows over the fire or story telling sessions. They also run a regular SEND session.

As well as their regular sessions they offer parties and nursery/school visits. My son has his 6th birthday party at Natural Foundations and he and his friends had a great time. My daughter did a preschool visit during a heatwave and it was amazing to watch the children having the time of their life with the water play.

Hot drinks and snacks are available to purchase and there is car parking available.

Playing in the mud kitchen at natural foundations
Children playing in the mud kitchen at natural foundations

The Postcode is CM1 3QR, it’s part of the Radical Bikes site. You can find more information on the Natural Foundations website.