Kendrick’s Kingdom Soft Play

Kendrick’s Kingdom is the soft play located inside Jump Street trampoline park in Chelmsford. Despite being housed there it is a full sized soft play centre aimed at ages 0-10.

The Soft Play Frame at Kendrick’s Kingdom 

There is a small baby area at the front of the main play frame which is completely enclosed to keep them safe. It has a variety of soft blocks in different shapes for them to climb on.

The main play frame is 4 storeys high and offers views over the trampoline park and Clip n’ Climb. There is a large, fast slide suitable for toddlers and upwards.

The frame features a wobbly rope bridge, balls and obstacles to climb through. The highlight for older children are the ball canons in the battle zone which they will happily spend ages shooting each other with.

The soft play frame at Kendrick’s Kingdom
The soft play frame at Kendrick’s Kingdom

For the Grown Ups

There is a seating area next to the play frame and the whole area is enclosed and has a gate that can only be opened by adults so it feels very safe to give younger ones some freedom. The seating area has chairs and tables and a few sofas. There are vending machines that sell snacks and cold and hot drinks. If you want a better selection of food you can get takeaway from the main Jump Street cafe and bring it back but obviously that can be logistically challenging if you’re there alone with young children.

There is usually a member of staff at the desk outside of the enclosed area but I haven’t often seem one inside the soft play so you have to pop out to them if you need anything. The soft play at Jump Street only opened a few years ago and it has been clean whenever I have visited. The toilets are located near the trampoline park which isn’t far but may seem a long way if you’ve got a recently potty trained child! 

The Jump Street car park can get busy at around the times sessions change over so, as you have to book a specific time slot and are only allowed to stay for booked time when it’s busy, it’s best to arrive early to leave time for parking.

The soft play frame at Kendrick’s Kingdom
The soft play frame at Kendrick’s Kingdom

Parties at Kendrick’s Kingdom Soft Play

I’ve been to Kendrick’s Kingdom for quite a few after school birthday parties for children in Reception to year 2 and the kids have always had a great time. The party food is of a better quality than most places although you do have to pay extra for ice cream (it is Ben and Jerries though!)

The postcode for Kendrick’s Kingdom at Jump Street is CM2 6UA, you can find more information on the Jump Street website.