Lionmede Park Chelmsford

The older children’s climbing frame at Lionmede Park

Lionmede Park is just outside the twin centre, heading towards Springfield. It is run by Chelmsford City Council. The playground has been recently refurbished and has some great equipment I haven’t seen elsewhere. It’s small enough to keep an eye on little ones easily and is fully surfaced making it great for winter visits. It … Read more

Andrews Park Chelmsford

The Play Frame at Andrews Park Chelmsford

Andrews Park Chelmsford is located to the North of the town. There is a car park on Patching Hall Lane and a pedestrian entrance from Oliver Way. It is run by Chelmsford City Council. The playground has equipment for both older and younger children, it is small enough that you can easily keep an eye … Read more

Central Park Chelmsford

The river Can running through Central Park Chelmsford

Central Park is, as the name suggests, in the centre of Chelmsford with entrances from New Writtle Street or Bellmead. It is run by Chelmsford City Council. The playground at Central Park has been recently moved and replaced. It has a good selection of equipment for both younger and older children and it’s easy to … Read more

Coronation Park Chelmsford

The Play Frame at Coronation Park Chelmsford

Coronation Park Chelmsford is located in Timsons Lane in Springfield. It is home to Chelmsford Rugby Club as well as a Springfield Cricket Club. It is run by Chelmsford City Council. This park has a great play frame for older children but only limited equipment suitable for very young children. If you have very young … Read more

Oaklands Park Chelmsford

The younger children’s climbing frame at Oaklands Park

Oaklands Park is located in Moulsham Street, a short walk from the town centre. The park is also home to Chelmsford Museum and The Essex Regiment Museum. It is run by Chelmsford City Council. Oaklands Park has two separate playground, one for younger children and one for older children. You can’t see one from the … Read more

Hylands Park Chelmsford

The adventure playground at Hylands Park Chelmsford

Hylands Park is on the border of Writtle and central Chelmsford, it can be accessed via either Five Mile Hill or Greenbury Way. Hylands Park is part of Hylands Estate which also includes Hylands House and farmland. The walks are lovely for all ages but the playground is best for children between 3 and 12. … Read more

Great Baddow Recreation Ground

The toddler playground at great Baddow recreation ground

Great Baddow Recreation Ground (locally known as Baddow Rec) can be accessed from Baddow Road or Buckleys. It is run Great Baddow Parish Council so doesn’t appear in the Chelmsford City Council parks list. There are two completely separate play areas, one for toddlers and one for older children, you can’t see one from the … Read more

Admirals Park Chelmsford

The stream at admirals Park Chelmsford

Admirals Park Chelmsford is to the North West of the town centre with entry from Rainsford Road or by walking through from Central Park. It is a Chelmsford City Council run park. The play area is quite large but it’s easy to see across the whole area so good for keeping an eye on multiple … Read more