Great Chelmsford Parks for Toddlers & Preschoolers

When my kids were little, my motto was always “If in doubt, go out”. No matter what the mood, it always seemed to be improved by going out and a trip to the park seemed to be the best way to get them out of the house. Back then I tended to go to the same few parks near our house but dieting our recent tour of Chelmsford parks, I’ve realised that some parks are much better for toddlers than others. Here is my list of the best parks in Chelmsford for toddlers and Preschoolers.

The list is in no particular order and of course every toddler will have their own particular opinion on which are the best parks in Chelmsford but I would certainly suggest giving these ones a visit. While I’ve used the words toddlers and preschoolers, most of these parks are also great for slightly older children too.

Great Baddow Recreation Ground

The toddler Park at Great Baddow Recreation Ground is completely separate from the older children’s play area which means you don’t have to worry about them getting trampled by bigger kids. 

Toddler climbing from and swings at great Baddow recreation ground
Toddler climbing from and swings at great Baddow recreation ground

The playground is fully enclosed, with a gate that closes properly so it feels like a safe place to let them run free. It’s also fully surfaced so perfect for a trip when you don’t want them too muddy.

Highlights for toddlers will be the teddy bear swing for its novelty value and the Viking long Boat for role playing. You can read our full review of Great Baddow Recreation ground to find out more.

Admirals park

Admirals Park has a large playground which has more than the average amount of equipment t for toddlers. It’s fully enclosed but the space is shared by all ages. 

There are two great climbing frames for toddlers with features like cargo nets, slides, ladders and monkey bars. The only downside is that there are no baby swings, although there are regular swings and a full support swing.

The toddler play frame at Admirals Park
The toddler play frame at Admirals Park

The bonus of Admirals Park is the fact that the River Chelmer runs through it and in the summer you can paddle in it and catch small fish. Even in the winter the Swans will pass along it from time to time which is lovely to see.

Check out our review of Admirals Park for more information.

Paradise Road Play Area

In my opinion, Paradise Road Play Area is one of the best playgrounds in Chelmsford but because it is run by Writtle Parish Council rather than Chela,ford City Council, a lot of people don’t know about it.

The playground is fully enclosed and surfaced and has equipment for both toddlers and older children. There are regular swings, baby swings and a basket swing as well as a great climbing frame for both climbing and role playing.

The Toddler Train Paradise Road Play Area Writtle
The Toddler Train Paradise Road Play Area Writtle

A favourite feature of Paradise Park is the steep hill which toddlers love to run up and down. If you’ve got a train and toddler they will love the little train they can sit in and pretend to drive.

More details and photos can be found in our review of Paradise Road Play Area.

Chelmer Village Green Playground

Chelmer Village Green Playground is one of a number of playgrounds in Chelmsford which has been recently refurbished and they’ve done a great job of it. Although it is run by the city council it isn’t featured on their website, possibly because they don’t run the park itself, but it certainly deserves to be there.

Chelmer Village Green Playground

There is a great little climbing frame with options for both younger and older toddlers and a set of baby swings. There are also numerous springers including a giant one that multiple children can enjoy at once.

You can read more about Chelmer Village Green Playground in our full review.

Oakland’s Park

Most people know Oakland’s Park because Chelmsford Museum is based there. It has a great park for toddlers and younger children which is completely separate from the older children’s park.

The hill and tunnel at Oaklands Park
The hill and tunnel at Oaklands Park

All of the equipment is made of wood which gives Oakland’s more of an adventure playground feel. The playground isn’t surfaced at all and does get very muddy in the winter which most toddlers will consider a bonus, crawling through the very muddy tunnel is particularly popular! There are toilets next to the car park which is handy if you are potty training.

The most popular piece of equipment is the two towers, joined together by a rope bridge with a slide to come down. There is also a zip wire which is quite low so good for children just starting to get the hang of them.

Have a look at our Oakland’s Park review for more information.

So there you have great parks in Chelmsford for toddlers, and preschoolers too, do go and check out a few!