I’m Josie and I’ve been a Mum in Chelmsford for over ten years. I moved here with my husband in 2004, we loved in Chelmer Village to start with and then moved to a Tile Kiln which is between Galleywood and Great Baddow.

When we decided to move to Chelmsford it didn’t ever occur to us to think about what sort of place it would be to raise a family but we were lucky that it’s actually pretty great!

We had our son in 2010 and then our daughter in 2012. We love getting out and about as a family and enjoying everything Chelmsford has to offer.

When the children were little I ran a toddler group which I loved and we enjoyed attending a variety of baby and toddler classes. In 2014 I started running Mum2mum Market Nearly New Sales in Chelmsford, they give local mums an opportunity to sell the things their children have finished with and save money buying the things their children still need.

Now that my children are a bit older, while they still love exploring parks, we’re also enjoying facilities in Chelmsford for older children like the museums, bowling and crazy golf.

The aim of this website is to help Chelmsford families make the most of where they live by sharing information about great places to visit in the area. While the main focus is on Chelmsford, we’ll also share information about other places of interest that aren’t too far away.

The family behind Chelmsford with children
The family behind Chelmsford with children